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Does your company need to put an application on the market, but does not have a development team available?

Sub-contract your mobile app development needs with us, and we will provide all the required analysis, design, coding, implementation and setting-up of cloud components to land a robust  working app for your company.

Mobile & web apps

Our apps look and work great both on the web as well on mobile devices. You will be able to put your mobile app in the AppStore, and Google Play, as well as installing it using a private link.

We also specialize in building Progressive Web Apps – PWA, which uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience.

Our many skills

Our technical skills range from PHP, JavaScript and AngularJS to Chrome, iOS and Android. Database proficiency including MySQL, SQL Server, Mongo DB and Dynamo DB for image and document handling. Progressive Web Apps. Two-way API integration with Google Apps.

Top Quality Developers

Our programmers are top notch and well versed in the latest web & mobile frameworks. We emphasize MVC and object-oriented programming through our work.

Mobile Features

We design our apps to take advantage of most native device functions such as the camera, accelerometer, geolocation features and notifications.

Material Design

We have done extensive training using Material Design, the new user interface guidelines by Google. Your apps will look great both on the web and on mobile devices.

Amazon Web Services

If your app is designed to run as a cloud service, our engineering team will assist you in setting-up and configuring the required AWS services.


HTML5, CSS3, Ionic framework, Bootstrap, Material Design Lite (MDL), jQuery, Laravel, Cordova, SQL Server, WordPress, back-end integration for web applications, and integration with IP Telephony frameworks such as Twilio, Asterisk and FreeSwitch.


We offer our services based on monthly-contracted development units led by a local project manager and we do all the follow-up for you.

Dev Unit 1 - monthly

Primary Development Unit Provides a team including a Project Manager and a top quality Senior Developer for a full month of work.

Dev Unit 2 - monthly

Senior Developer If a larger development team is required, this monthly unit adds an experienced developer to the job.

Dev Unit 3 - monthly

Junior Developer More extensive projects might require additional development working time.

AWS Unit - One Time Setup

Our Amazon Web Services engineers will set-up and configure all necessary back-end components to run your app.

Dev Per-Hour Unit

If you need quick modifications after your application is up and running, we provide a per-hour development service.

Per-Hour Support Unit

We provide on-demand per-hour support for your application back-end running on the AWS cloud.

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