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Welcome to Ondis Networks, your technology partner. We develop for you.

Does your company need to put an application on the market, but does not have a development team?

Sub-contract your mobile app development needs with us, and we will provide all the required analysis, design, coding, implementation and setting-up of cloud components to land a working app for your company.

Amazon Web Services

AWS has proved itself as one of the best providers of Cloud Services. However, migrating to the Cloud requires deep knowledge about technology, services, features and functionalities of the Cloud environment.

Our engineering team possess the knowledge and skill to bring the services offered by Amazon.com to you to help you build the best IT infrastructure for your business.

Cloud Infrastructure & Service Platform

Ondis Networks provides managed tools and infrastructure that enable service providers to launch value-added hosted services with minimal capital expenditure and integration overhead, resulting in reduced risk, faster time-to-market, and a higher return on investment.

Our versatile platform allows the rapid deployment of hosted services and applications for the cloud by integrating several “baked-in” elements that facilitate the provisioning of services.


By using the services on our platform, you get all the parts needed to put your project on the cloud. All included!


We facilitate the development of modern web & mobile apps for the cloud that run on our service platform.

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